Speaking Skills

We understand how you feel.   

Speaking bothers you, right?

You worry about your fluency.  

You worry about your vocabulary. 

You worry about your grammar.

Well, You can stop worrying now. 

We've got you.
This is what we do.

The SLADE Method

You don't have time to attend classes regularly, you're based in another country, or time is against you, but you need help to improve your speaking skills. You need a swift, focused solution. You need guidance and critical feedback and input. The SLADE method is here to help. You speak. We listen, analyse, diagnose and engage in providing you with a solution. 

You also want a real person to give you the guidance and input you need. You don't want some AI avatar. You need someone with experience and knowledge. That's what you get when you sign up for the SLADE Method at Native Speaker.  Real life. Real English. Real People.

So, how does this work? It's incredibly simple. Take your phone, open Whatsapp and record a 2 minute video of yourself speaking on a given topic; eg, "HOW I LIKE TO SPEND MY WEEKENDS".  Press Send to your Native Speaker Tutor and you'll receive a written report in both PDF and video format within 24 hours.


Our SLADE experience is ideal for the busy student who can't commit to full-time courses. Attend from anywhere at any time. Send and receive through WHAtsapp. Get detailed analysis and feedback.


What Do I Get?

The first thing we do is listen to your recording and watch your body language in the video that you send. We then:

- transcribe your presentation and isolate any mistakes 

- write in the corrections
- give an explanation

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