The Institute of Technology Sligo
The Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland, or IT Sligo as it is commonly called, is a great location for an English language course and we here in Native Speaker Sligo are blessed with the space and facilities that make our English language courses very special indeed and some of the best on offer in Ireland.

Technological support is one of our main facets, offering students on a Native Speaker English language course access to computer laboratories, multimedia facilities, sports hall, playing field and gym. Our classrooms are spacious and facilitate the imaginative and innovative teaching methods and classroom activities that the staff of Native Speaker Sligo have become known for over the years.

IT Sligo not only boasts wonderful teaching and self-access facilities, but also sporting and recreational amenities, with gym, indoor basketball/ badminton / soccer courts and outdoor soccer pitches, which means that students who come to learn English at Native Speaker Sligo can let off steam and indulge in plenty of exercise and fun activities which are also designed to help them improve their level of English, one of the main reasons for coming to Ireland to learn English.

IT Sligo is located only a short walk from Sligo town centre and is also a short distance from the beach, lakes, forests and hills that make Sligo famous for its landscape, which gives all of the students who come here to learn English lasting memories of the Sligo region, which is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful regions in Ireland and makes the Institute of Technology Sligo the envy of many as its location offers the best of all worlds.

The Institute of Technology Sligo is also a thriving centre of student life during the year with a strong nationality mix which allows students attending Native Speaker year round English courses an opportunity to mix with students of many nationalities and to share in the cosmopolitan atmosphere that gives both the Institute and Sligo a uniquely Irish yet international feel.

It is no surprise, therefore that our students often find that they learn English not only in the classroom, but also in the canteen and on the corridors of the Institute, making learning at Native Speaker such a holistic and interesting experience.

So come and join the learning curve on a Native Speaker English language course in the wonderful surroundings of the Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland – there’s simply no better place to be.

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