ESP - English for Specific Purposes
Our staff have extensive experience, not only in the area of Business English, but also ESP - English for Specific Purposes, which to date includes: banking, manufacturing, community development, plant management, telecommunications, and international marketing.

Our experience of corporate and industrial training in Ireland, Eastern Europe and the Middle East offers our clients the assurance that their needs will be identified and catered for in a professional manner by people with hands on knowledge and that all courses are carried out according to the highest international standards through which their staff can advance their level of English and enhance their performance within their company.

We have also helped a number of clients pass relevant internal and international exams through individual and group courses designed specifically for that purpose. This has proved very popular among some larger corporate clients whose promotion system demands specific benchmarks which include required standards of English.

Our corporate and industrial programmes include site observations, needs analysis, and the industry standard can-do assessment system. In addition to these we offer industry-specific materials development, a new and exciting aspect of which has included digital materials development whereby we co-operate with firms by filming various industrial processes and use them as part of presentations in the individual company´s training programme, giving the entire process a greater relevance for participants.

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