Evening Courses
Our year round evening courses are designed to suit a wide variety of needs. Flexibility is the key word of our service, which means that we offer from 2 to 25 lessons per week for either groups or individuals. Lessons include tailor-made courses for specialist groups from a broad range of disciplines, or the more usual General English course for those who wish to improve their overall standard of English.

To date our clients represent a wide cross-section of needs, which are catered for both individually and in groups. Whether you are a busy plant manager, business executive, medical sector worker, secondary school student, au pair, or just passing tourist, we have the means of identifying your needs and meeting them

Our Needs Analysis*, Placement Test* , and Oral Diagnostic* , all go towards establishing the most appropriate course for your needs, while identifying specific weaknesses in your language skills that can then be rectified.

In this way we can guarantee a high level of progress and a sense of achievement for our course participants.

* = needs to be applied for

Course Title Board* Activities  
EC-0024Standard Evening Course nono Details
EC-0025Intensive Evening Course nono Details

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