Native Speaker is happy to arrange the accommodation type of your choice. Students can choose from a wide range of quality accommodation experiences here in Sligo all within walking distance of the college and the town centre.

All accommodation has been carefully selected in order to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible and that you receive the warmest of Irish welcomes.

Residential · Residential accommodation is a new departure on our courses and is one which we recommend to our older students (17+) who prefer an element of independence to their stay. Students who choose this option enjoy meeting other students who have come to learn English and who share the same goals and objectives as themselves.
The residence is only 3 minutes walk from our school and offers the most modern facilities in a friendly ´student village´ atmosphere which is conducive to the whole learning experience.
Hotel · Sligo is home to many hotels ranging from the exclusive to the standard. This option suits those who prefer an element of luxury when traveling. All bookings are subject to availability and students should contact us in advance or avail of our Links page to choose the hotel of their choice.
Self-Catering · Self-catering is also available to our students and is a very popular option amongst the students who wish to stay over a longer period. We have a data-base of reputable self-catering accommodation providers and we can arrange the accommodation in advance, so that students who wish to learn English and work needn't worry about arriving in the country without anywhere to stay
Guest-House · The choice of guesthouses in Sligo can only be described as amazing. When deciding where they want to stay, our students can choose from a range of town centre locations over-looking the river and in the midst of cafés and bars, to wind-swept country houses set in the hills around Sligo or with breath-taking views of the Atlantic coast.

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